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Just returned from a very pleasant two weeks of timeshare in Lanzarote. tube4 The weather was sunny and warm, the beaches were quiet and rest, the restaurant is very good, and we met with ' J', a very nice guy, twenty years, the joy of my wife, Lou took what was for me and Lou saw him give a damn long and beautiful in the first of several major sex sessions. are in our 60, I was in partial retirement with a property inspector, continues to tube4 work occasional work of a local agent and Lou, a PA, but giving full-time, when in his sixtieth birthday was a few years ago . We are lean, active, beautiful, enjoy our family, but in tube4 38 years of marriage has never been serious about swinging with other couples or single guys do, looked at various websites, but at the end of joked about it, although both had sex outside of marriage and I was like many husbands, to see women getting fucked by a handsome guy adjustment and other, or take the tail where you wantgo and suck mouth, swallowing every last drop of sperm type. But none of this was taken seriously by one of us and never resonates with other couples or single guys. We were in Lanzarote over a week, and since most of the time we were there on vacation with a great sex, for whatever reason, away from the tube4 constraints of the freedom of our country, especially corneas. I joked that Lou was so hot that a man would have stocked young people who could take over and fuck me until finally he was happy to find. 'Ooooh, yes, great - and one with a nice big cock, it would be good' was one of tube4 his answers. So one night, our favorite bar after a good meal at a nearby restaurant. We entered the bar, asked for wine, J, met with thirty years, handsome, polite, conversed with him, laughed at his jokes, then said goodbye ' and sat at a table. Yes, I see J Lou and the clock had a couple of times, but re-to thought. If the live music started, he approached and asked Lou a jive. She laughed, got up and danced. She looked great in her mini skirt, red and black, thin, tanned legs, high heels pert below. J has been in a break of one week on his own as his wife in the UK caring for her sick mother, and when he and Lou, I was dancing I began to wonder if my joke was on the search for Lou gifted young boy not far Lou is a great dancer, ballroom, swing, and I was really enjoying it, as she dances and J tube4 are the songs came from the Tamla Motown band. I was not surprised when they are to dance when the band started playing some slower songs, and decided to put his little head on his chest J, or, rather, his gold necklace. o I did not tube4 know at the time, but Lou told me later - J was hard about why they like to press her belly against him, the thought that up to 60, Mrs. J was enjoying every inch of his cola. HI knew that my ad was achieved long before hard drive. So, it still took a few minutes and occurs when Lou put his arms around his neck and borrowed J and kissed, a Snog, which lasted half a minute before it broke off and laughed. tube4 Type N Cheeky I'm kissing my wife, but Lou was very relaxed, obviously enjoying the attention of young and handsome guy shaking my cock, I began to wonder if she invites you to think about it back enough to presume of us. Set slow dance, slow jiving Snog few, then when the music is faster to dance, J Hand now gradually inserted into ass on his cock before he finally stopped and tube4 got to where I was sitting, try not to notice the bulge in the J- jeans. it sounded like : 'I never thought my wife to get back to me... nice to see you enjoy... and kissing my wife... do not last long... Do not blame you if you had his wicked way with her, she is asexy woman... ' Lou gave me a big smile, Lent forward to kiss me, her low-cut top revealed her small breasts beautiful red lace bra. J was a little embarrassed,' Sorry Alan, I lost my car - control, it is always very attractive, sexy ladies... ' Lou laughed,' tube4 So, how sexy attractive women had? ', I interrupted,' I bet you have 50 or more notches in the head, J right? ' She blushed : 'Not in these days, I'm happily married' ' Yes.. I'm sure ! Do not believe you ! I winked, ' I saw you with your tongue over my wife tube4 's throat she very bad man! ' was even more red,' Well... I'm on vacation, do, do stupid things when I am away from home and not... ' I turned to Lou: ' What do you think J welcome to tell us that we have a lot of good music to dance for you two, and a brand new bottle of Jack? Daniels, who have not opened 'broke Lou into a wide grin, ' but... Sounds good... as long as you know, what torself in the... He winked, tube4 'You gave me a long hard look directly at me,'... sexy wife and a young man ready... ' I,' Mmmm, could be fun... What's up J... to get back to us ? ' ' Sure, if you're okay... and Lou ' Lovely Jubbly ' ! ' I said and we all stood up. Back in our tube4 apartment IJ sat on the couch, it was Lou fix makeup, and I gave Jack three lengths in a field of ice. I have a background music that gives J a cigarette and we lit up, I sit in the chair. Lou came to us, sitting next to J, I ​​could see immediately that I had removed her bra, her nipples stood up between her breasts cute top and open influence. Use a lot of talk, gossip, about an hour, I continued to go to recharge all our drinks behind the kitchen, both Lou J and dance to see his hands around his neck kissing, very passionate. I found all the lights except for once, a standard floor, which dimmed, then my cock stirring qubeautiful in my Chinese ite, unzip it and tube4 finally brought to light, one hand pressed around him to start a slow straw. When I did Snog Lou broke it and pulled his shirt over his head. J lowered her head and sucked one then the nipples, Lou clearly enjoying the experience back, head, groaned, as J is drawn passionate and little nipples. tube4 Lou tube4 tube4 unbuttoned, unzipped her skirt and dropped it. Therefore J is a hand slipped into her panties and fingers shaved quimm, Lou finally moving the tip of nylon over her thighs, ankles and feet. They kiss again, very passionate, and Lou opened his belt and opened the top button, slide the zipper. He put a hand inside and relaxes slowly expanded J Hahn. I could not see, then drops the head of Lou pulled back the foreskin, licking, kissing the shaft. It looks thick and long. Then slowly knelt, where J is the big penis in her mouth. With closed eyes, licks, kineed, which plunges into a frenzied movement, energetic, so, little by little relief in her mouth. open your eyes, I see the straw smoothly, and gives me a clue. Then he stops, gets up and pushes J on the couch, takes off her jeans and underwear, leans against the cock a minute or so to suck. I think it's a good eight inches, very thick. Lou stops sucking, move forward and raise the body above the hips, J. J 's cock in his hand, slowly dropped, what kind of ' wow!' As the head quimm entered it, then a loud 'wow! ' As one glides centimeters, then ' wow! 'Like every inch of his shaft disappeared at the time. She looked at him :' This feels so good... tube4 feels so great... I can feel every inch of you, all the way to... You're a big boy, ' aa So they started up and down the hips, J plays with her tits and nipples. Little by little he began to move at a pace faster, moaning louder and louderStopping occasionally to lean forward to kiss J, very passionate. caught red lace panties and Lou wrapped around my throbbing shaft themselves, not eight inches, but still a big hard rock weapon, as tube4 I watched my wife fuck our horny sexy new friend. The thin material of her panties was soaked Lou soon I shot my cum a gallon. must be a good 5 minutes with Lou were growing faster, taller and J Gallo was riding with her ​​moans, then J is a resounding 'Yes ! Jesus,yes!' And I saw his body shake, three or four times as his cock shot his tube4 sperm deep within Lou. did not move, sinking low, ensuring that J was the cock so deep inside possible, shoulder massage for a few seconds while shooting his sperm deep inside her womb, flooding with hot cream then lowered head and kissed him hard and long term. Lou stopped him for another five minutes to kiss him hard, then, if your flaccid penis slipped from finally turned and underlength remains impressive in its mouth dripping wet with his sperm, sperm leakage around the shaft and kissed his penis. raised his body and was taken to the tube4 mouth quimm, J lick his cream oozing from his opening statement, under Lou groaned when he was little, licking, kissing her clitoris. A only a few minutes and finally got up and left the bathroom. I looked at J, he was happy, gentle, happy : 'It looked like a big fuck you liked... ' 'What is sexy for a woman... boy, you're a lucky man ' \\ \\ n I tube4 smiled, 'Yes, we fuck three or four times a week, each time different, really cool... we like sex,' she smiled J: 'We're not kidding If they want me back,! am here all week ! ' We chit chatted for 10 minutes, re-light our cigars, when Lou came at last, still packed in a terry bathrobe, makeup and perfume opium drenched many. J back on the couch, slid her hands down his chest playing with his collar, Kissing her in the head, ' J. Time to go.. I want a man... now you have to do it again tomorrow night... come here to eat first ? ' J got up, threw ' of course you... Really? '' of course I am! not say it if I'm serious ! perverse My husband wants to get his hot wife and I want more of this cock you! ' you kissed him, long, hard, language, J had the robe open, sucking her nipples, fingers last quimm and then went and that was it. Lou put his robe, took my hand and walked into the bedroom. We stayed in bed, Lou suck tube4 me long and hard slides, style pounding on my cock cowgirl and both enjoy a long and slow dust, cheeky laugh as she rode up and down, panting with pleasure, was when my cock into her deeper and deeper, I became the love bites all Lous J tits and neck, the fuck is the most rewarding for me to leave my wife was with him quimm, still wetJ -thick, creamy sauce that I like tube4 shooting my cum all over her, fuck the bitch in Lou are very pleased that two of their men happy in the space of half an hour!
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